About us

My name is Philippa Helm. I was brought up on a farm and both my parents loved to cook. My Nan loved to bake and this is where my love for cooking/baking and eating tasty food began. They would even have cooking competitions in the Winter, so subsequently both my brother and I ate very well as children.

Skip forward to 4 years ago, my husband who owns Central Custom Engineering built me a food trailer called Pips Kitchen. My friends and I had a great time cooking and serving food at markets and shows. BUT with all that recipe testing and tasting I became the heaviest I'd ever been!  I have never had a weight issue before and if I did put on a bit I would "eat healthy" and it would come off, BUT as I was getting older the weight just wouldn't move.

I was out for lunch with some friends and one of my friends mentioned she was doing an online course/programme with Simon Gault, and I thought at least the food/recipes would be good, so I jumped on board.

That was the start of my Low Carb Lifestyle.  When I first started my goal was to lose 5 kgs, just so I could fit my clothes better - I reached that goal in 4 weeks, but what I gained was a whole lot of knowledge and so much more energy, 

I didn't feel bloated after each meal, I didn't feel I needed to nap at 2pm everyday, I started waking up early and wanting to get out of bed and get the day started!

I remember thinking "I didn't know I could feel this good with this much energy".

I have lost 20kgs now, I definitely fit my clothes better and I feel fantastic!

So I've created some snacks to help you stay on track and reach your goals too.

I've also put together a list of cafe's and restaurants that have Low Carb / Keto options, to help you pick where to eat!

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