Our History

Our History.

Low Carb Life NZ founder Philippa Helm loved to creating and serve up delicious food, but the downside for Philippa was that she was gaining weight and finding it harder to lose it the older she got. Keen to get back to a healthier size but unwilling to sacrifice her taste buds, Philippa was inspired by celebrity NZ chef Simon Gault and his journey to lose weight to manage his type 2 diabetes. She completed Gault’s course online and had soon made a successful switch to a low carb lifestyle, losing 20kg. Her clothes began to fit better and she had a whole lot more energy.

Friends started to notice the difference and wondered how they could get the same results.  Philippa’s solution was to develop a range of dry mixes for her friends which not only took the hassle out of cooking but even made low carb bread taste good and put brownies back on the menu!

Springvale Hill started when Rebecca & her family decided to pursue a long-held dream of a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. We purchased a picturesque lifestyle block on the outskirts of a small, vibrant town. The property, surrounded by rolling hills and bathed in the Central sunshine, is perfect for growing their own vegetables.

Locals loved the farm-to-table produce and the friendly, family-run atmosphere.  I began experimenting with spice mixes. I combined fresh herbs and dried spices from our garden, creating blends that were both delicious and affordable.

Each mix is carefully crafted to enhance the natural flavours of our vegetables. There is zesty Mediterranean blend perfect for roasting, a smoky BBQ mix that made grilled vegetables irresistible, and an exotic curry blend that added a burst of flavor to any dish, plus many more.

It is always important to consult with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian before making any significant changes to your diet or lifestyle.